What size do I need?

You can order a sizing kit, which is free for first time customers and the most accurate option. You can also use our chart under "Nail Sizing" to determine for yourself at home.

How long is the processing time?

Processing is typically between 2-3 weeks. This is subject to change.

How long do the nails stay on and are they reusable?

It depends on how well you apply them and your everyday activity. For temporary use(a night out) we recommend the adhesive tabs. If you want them on for longer we recommend glue in which they typically last 1-2 weeks.

Can I cancel my order/exchange sizes?

Cancellations are only allowed within the first 24hrs of purchase. Exchange of size is subject to owner. Once the nails have been created no exchanges can be made. 

Can I return the nails or get a refund?

All orders are handmade therefore we do not accept returns. 

What comes with my order?

Every order comes with one prep kit. each prep kit includes: a wooden cuticle pusher, adhesive tabs, glue, and a nail buffer.